We haven’t done any work in the garden for weeks. It’s either been dark or wet or we have arrived late and cuddled up on the sofa when we got here, candles and fire on.

So the grass in the back garden was feet high and the beautifully cleared path and driveway were again completely covered with nettles, grass, buttercup and docks. The Scottish ‘summer’ has so far bought rain and lots of it. Floods in fact, only two days ago.

We spent the next two and a half hours pulling, scything (is that a word?) and once Mac got the strimmer going, strimming. Six trips to the fire pit with an overfilled wheelbarrow later, the garden looked almost like a garden again and the path was visible.

My arms were covered in nettle stings, Mac’s neck and back were worse for wear and it was time for a can of cider.

We discovered that UHT milk has a use-by date.. who would have thought? Bran flakes for another night then.

The housemartins are back in force, noisily complaining that we are in their way as they dive-bomb ever closer to their nests but don’t quite have the courage to get in.

It’s strange in here with no fire on but it’s been unusually warm today. It’s now 23:22 and it’s still light outside. It’s just a few days past midsummer. The solar lights are only just beginning to come on.

Mac has cooked a rösti and we are about to eat then sleep. Happy place.