Finally we come to El Shacko after work in daylight. We, I mean Mac, get a fire on to take the chill off and I unpack more candles, curtains and cable clips.

I desperately want to hang the star solar lights – hence the cable clips – but I forgot to bring a hammer. There’s bound to be one in the shed, we thought. It has all sorts. Scythes, saws, chisels, even a hand made plane.

Alas, no hammer.

So the solar lights remain draped over chairs and doors making unexpected temporary patterns, as they are fully charged after a day of April sunshine.

We wander down to meet a neighbour who Mac knows and he shows us photos of the site from the 1950s when it had double decker buses and the beginnings of the first hut. He thinks his bees may have swarmed and I wonder if they have stayed local. A bat swoops around us as dusk falls.

I took a photo but you would never know it was a bat…

We walk back via another hut, hidden behind leylandii (thankfully well managed) and meet another neighbour who has cladded the bottom couple of feet of her hut with 12″ vinyl LPs. It looks great. The bat is still with us, following us up the hill till we reach our back gate.

Our hut is cosy and welcoming. We can just about ignore the noise of a few neighbours who have assembled a new fire pit surrounded by pallet seats, and UB40 playing from their van.

Cider open, feet up.