We hadn’t planned to spend the day here as I was going to work but the weather was perfect so I arranged a last minute day off.

I had already painted one side of El Shacko but that left three to do and the back wall is fairly close to a beech and leylandii hedge so it was pretty mossy. It also had more spider webs on it than I could count, a completely white gauzy layer covering every bit of wood. A scrubbing brush took care of most of it and a small wire brush took most of the moss off.

Mac got onto the roof and fixed the leak around the chimney with water sealant, a bit like pond or swimming pool liner that paints on. While he was up there he cleared out the leaves & stour from the gutters.

I had finished off the old tub of paint I had found in the shed by the time I reached the back wall so I went to open the new one. It was a different make, Ronseal and not Timbercare but the colour on the label looked the same. How wrong I was. Inside was what I can best describe as redwood. I was half way through one wall so how could I start another colour? We looked online and couldn’t find the original one anywhere. Ronseal dark oak looked on the pictures to be the right colour but it really didn’t look ok.. Mac found a tin of black garage paint so he mixed some in and tried it.

It looked different but better so I carried on. Once it all dried it looked ok, panic over…

I got the whole place finished, and the shed too. It literally drank the paint as it hasn’t been painted for so long. It may need another coat.

I cleaned the worst off the brush and my hands in the stream and some more in the sink but cold water isn’t the best for removing paint and the fire isn’t lit yet.

Another wheelbarrow of nettles to the fire pit, and finally time for a seat. It took 6 hours but it’s looking great and ready for winter.