We brought the first solar panel here a few weeks ago and although we are not ready to fit it to the roof it’s sitting inside a full length window in the porch.

Mac figured it may as well be working so he hooked it up to one of the caravan batteries and hey presto, it’s charging. We only need a trickle charge at the moment as we aren’t using a lot of power but it means it will keep it topped up while doing absolutely nothing. It’s a south facing window so should get at least some sunshine. We will eventually have ten panels to fit on the roof as we are picking one up every month from someone who decided against fitting them and even though it’s Scotland we are hoping it will be worthwhile.

You can see the newly plugged in solar panel in this photo, along with the freshly painted side wall and cleared path.

The housemartins seem to have gone south and it’s strangely quiet and still without them. Not sure whether we are meant to leave the nests or take them down so they can start from scratch next year. I love the thought of the same birds finding el shacko again after flying thousands of miles.