We now have a 3l stainless steel water heater with a tap and an enamel kettle, both of which sit on top of the wood burner. Just an evening of heat brings them up to almost boiling, so for a cup of tea before bed it’s a quick 3 min blast on the stove for the kettle.

It’s also enough for our battery powered shower.. add all the hot water to a 5l bucket and top up with a little cold water. Plug the shower into the battery with a long extension, put the power unit in the water, press the button and hey presto, a proper shower with decent water pressure. Enough for two of us to shower although you couldn’t stay in for too long.

Our favourite country is Iceland where hot water isn’t an issue.. a constant supply of naturally heated water means no one needs a water heater. Till we live there, this will do just fine.