A couple of weeks ago a sparrow was stuck in the wood burner when we arrived. No idea how long it had been there but we managed to usher it out after a couple of minutes.

Tonight unfortunately another little sparrow wasn’t so lucky. We went to light the fire to take the chill off and found the poor critter inside.

We are trying out our new 3l stainless steel water heater that sits nicely against the flue and Mac is heating some rice pudding on the other side of the stove.

The little gas oven seems to be on its last legs as it has a single flame on one side. Still, there’s some garlic bread in there to dip into the rice pudding. Only kidding..

There is a full sized oven that was left in the spare room. Don’t know if it will run off a gas canister. I did find some random forum discussions about it including this one with a very sweet description of someone’s grandmother’s set up (scroll down a couple of comments)

German grandmother and her stove

Will have to do a bit more digging to find out if the cooker here has LPG jets but for now we are going to enjoy a bit of peace.