I feel so lucky to be able to sit in the sunshine working, laptop on my knee, with the constant flicker of housemartins to-ing and fro-ing between their nests and the open sky for company.

These little birds don’t stay still for long and when both parents are out of the nest the little ones chirp greedily till they return.

One of the nests seemed to be a bit tricky to build, every few days falling down and leaving little piles of muddy clay on the ground. Perseverance paid off and it finally stuck.

I love watching them swoop past making a last minute decision to either do another loop or take a chance and get into the nest in double quick time. Now and again they sit on the next hut’s aerial waiting for us to get out of sight.

When we arrived back after a few days away we were greeted by a front step covered in bird poo. A small price to pay.

I hope we get to see the babies fledge and I hope they come back next year.