The dark brown Venetian blinds were perfectly acceptable I suppose. But there was no additional insulation and when they were shut they were just dark and uninteresting. One was broken so it couldn’t open easily, which meant the one window that opens fully and with a view to the hill was pretty much useless.

Today we replaced them with sheer white blinds that let the daylight in and heavy blackout curtains for winter nights when we need extra insulation.

The daylight blinds also show off the stained glass windows which were hidden by the dark wooden slats. Love it. Love being able to see outside when the blinds are shut.

Ikea has it spot on for well priced blinds. Tried other places and they either weren’t long enough (these needed to be 2m 8cm) or had some silly flower pattern or were about quadruple the price as they had to be made to order. Can’t go wrong with curtain poles for £1.50 too.

Daylight blinds and blackout curtains