It’s been over a week and the weather has been spectacular. For the first time in years the grass in Scotland is brown after weeks of sun and little rain. A couple of nights this week of rain has given everything a boost and the grass in El Shacko’s garden is a couple of feet high and starting to get flattened.

Mac tried the strimmer but it wouldn’t stay on so a neighbour lent us his strimmer and mower. Mac tackled the grass and I cleared the nettles and buttercup that had grown back all around.

Four hours and five trips to the fire pit later we were done. We had revealed a little raspberry patch behind the shed and it rewarded us with a huge bowl of perfectly ripe berries.

Another neighbour had been chopping down two mature firs that had formed a large dark, damp canopy covering his hut and surrounding area. He has spent two days taking them down with help from various other neigjbours. He showed us round his very basic and very lovely hut. He had connected a water supply and replaced the wood burner, built a self composting toilet outside and a little desk space with a view to the hills for studying.

Mac had fixed the travel fridge and LED solar light set that needed soldered. All we need now is cold cider.