We want to keep Le Shack to ourselves, our little hideaway where no one can find us unless we want to be found. We are also bursting to tell people about it, to share it and show it off. We decided to bring my mum to Le Shack and surprise her. She was coming to Edinburgh anyway and asked if we could meet for lunch. I suggested she came a bit later and meet me after work as Mac and I had something to show her that we had bought together.

We got the bus home from Edinburgh and arrived home to slow cooked pork that had been cooking since 7am. I was itching to just hop in the car and drive to Le Shack but we hadn’t yet sorted out what was there for cooking or eating so we ate at home before driving south. It was a beautiful early summer’s evening and the fields and hedgerows were lush, Hawthorns in full bloom and poppies just starting to appear at the side of the road.

We needed fuel so drove past the turn-off to the next town. On the way back Mac and I could just see the huts from the main road, a tiny haphazard community almost completely hidden from view. We both felt like children on Christmas Eve, excitement building as we drove nearer. We parked at the top of the hill and walked down the track towards Le Shack. Mum suggested we were either going to dispose of her body or show her a new dog…

We loved showing off Le Shack and mum was suitably amazed. She had no idea we had bought somewhere and we shared our plans for adding to the building. We took a walk down the track and spoke to one of the neighbours, then mum and I explored the rest of the site while Mac talked cars.

We didn’t want to leave.